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Irene Wong is known for her unparalleled commitment to customer service,many of her satisfied clients have sent  her letters of thanks and recommendation. If you would be interested in receiving any of  these letters please e-mail Irene that request today so they can be sent over. Thanks again and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying or selling feel free to e-mail Irene at or visit the request information section.

"Referrals Are Earned, Not Given" 


Dear Irene,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us with a most difficult and challenging sale of our property.  Your enthusiasm, commitment, intergrity and ability enabled us to complete this sale of our property.  I know without you this escrow would have not closed.  Your upbeat, positive and caring attitude kept us from getting disheartened or discouraged when the situation became difficult.  You did an excellent job!  You approach your work as a true professional.  You communicated with us throughout the transaction and provided us with information so we could make our decisions.

I have the highest regards for you.  It has been a distinct pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.  I consider you a valuable asset to my company.


Louis Donofrio,  Former Broker-Owner, Prudential California Realty


To Whom It May Concern,

My wife and I first met Irene in the late 1970s, when we decided to sell our first home, a cozy little town home home in East Anaheim.  We had no experience with selling real estate, and were apprehensive about taking this big step in our lives.  That apprehension was short lived, as we were immediately impressed by Irene's knowledge, education, professional demeanor, but most of all by her warm personality and generosity with which she gave her time and advice.  She explained everything about the entire process, answered all of our questions, and was always available by phone and in person for whatever we needed.  Not only was our property sold in a timely fashion, but we have been "sold" on her ever since.  She sold our next house in the late 1980s, and we'll ask her to sell our current house, if that ever becomes necessary.

Recently, my sister found herself in a difficult position.  She wanted to move to a nicer house, nearer to her son and his family.  The house she owned had appreciated slowly compared to other areas of the market, and she feared she could not afford the type of home she wanted.  When she asked for my advice concerning Realtors, I immediately gave her Irene's phone number.

The real estate market had appreciated rapidly, and interest rates had fallen to record lows.  Even so, by the time my sister decided to put her house on the market, interest rates were starting to rise again, and my sister, a single elementary school teacher, had little financial margin.  This move required a very well orchestrated match between the location and price of her house, the equity she would realize from the sale of her existing house, and the interest rate and timing on her new loan.  My sister was not opimistic as she put her house on the market.  Yet, I knew that if it were possible for my sister to make the move she wanted, Irene would be able to facilitate it.  And she did, perfectly, and brilliantly.  Even the location of the new house was perfect - just blocks from her son and his family.  I have never seen my sister happier than the day we visited her in her new home.

When I referred my sister to Irene, it was because I believe she is simply the best - few have the integrity, experience, professionalism, warmth, and intellect to match her.  That is why I am writing this letter, and giving my permission that it be used to inform others of Irene's outstanding work and achievements as a Realtor.


Jon Angus, Dean and Professor of Mathematics,Claremont Graduate University


Dear Irene,

This writing is weeks overdue and I apologize for that.  I am writing this letter for Donald and myself, as we are both very grateful to you for all of the extra effort and time you devoted, above and beyond the call of duty, both in securing the right buyer for Donald's home and in seeing the sale though to the close of escrow...

...We couldn't have done this without your steadfast determination, patience and experience.

I cannot even begin to list all of the 'little' extras you provided in making sure that inspections were taken care of properly and fairly, repairs were completed and that Donald and I were kept in the communication and information loop each step of the way.  Your communication skills, I believe, are one of your greatest assets as a realtor - not only in converying information but in hearing and understanding our inquisitions, concerns and feedback.

Your integrity is beyond reproach.  We are well aware that there were many situations which could have been vulnerable to conflicts of interest, but you never even entertained the idea of maneuvering decisions to your advantage.  You always conducted yourself professionally, ethically and made sure Donald was provided all of the information he required to make decisions to his best advantage.  That, in and of itself, gave us great comfort and peace of mind.

As if it weren't enough that you brought to this relationship your extensive, unsupassed integrity, strong work ethic and proficient communication skills, you took time to be respectful, patient and compassionate regarding Donald's issues with chronic pain.  You scheduled meetings and phone calls around the times you knew he was experiencing greater difficulty, and you thoughtfully brought him gifts you thought might provide comfort and relief.  Please know that these gestures were greatly appreciated by both Donald and me.

I could write papes in praise of you, Irene, but let me just close in saying that Donald and I both recommend you without hesitation to anyone we come accoss who might require the services of a realtor.  We will let them know that you bring to your relationship with your clients not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but the utmost professionalism, diligence, compassion and integrity.  It has been a pleasure knowing you, Irene.  Donald and I are deeply grateful.


Ellen Jennings and Donald Randolph


Dear Irene,

We are writing from our "chateau" and want to thank you again for all your help in the purchase of our new little house.

You worked this transaction as a dual agent and I can tell you that neither Russ or I ever questioned your commitment to us and I'm sure the Seller felt the same way.  Your honesty and integrity was apparent every step of the way.  You returned every phone call and answered every question.  You followed through everthing you said you would do.  You warned us that escrow was very stressful.  You were right but your calm and reassuring voice certainly made a big difference and were so appreciated.

Thank you, Irene.  We certainly refer our friends and family to you if they are in the market for a house.  Please drop by when you are in the neighborhood.  We would love to see you!


Suzanne & Russell Marquez 



Dear Irene,

After eighteen years of helpful service, I thought it time to write you to say "Thank You".  I know you have always known how much I have appreciated your assistance over the last eighteen years in acquiring both our residence properties and my business requirements.

It has been a pleasure dealing with such a professional, who has put up with my demands, and, maintained a smile and a presence of mind to keep on track with the plan.  I know I have not been easy to deal with, and when I had my heart attack in '97 you kept everyone up to date and made sure I didn't lose the property I was really interested in buying.

I also want to say thank you for making my parent's purchase of their home in San Clemente a pleasurable experience.  For them coming to California from New York, they had no idea how our state and county procedures worked.  You were kind and patient with them and for that I thank you.  I hope for my sake you stay in the business, because I wouldn't know what to do without you.

With much Sincerity,

Joe Fascenelli, President, Tech/Link


Dear Irene,

Bob and I have been very slow in telling you how much we appreciated your handling of the sale of our house...

We have bought and sold many houses and, of course, have had contact with many real estate agents.  We both feel that you epitomize honesty, knowledge and experience.  Bob, who was for many years in the real estate business, feels you are truly a professional in your field.  On my part, I appreciated the way you were always there from the beginning right through to personally delivering the check at the close of escrow...

Come and visit us anytime.

Sincerely yours,

Bob and La Verne Padgett


Dear Irene,

You have been excellent to work with.  Since our first meeting in April of this year, you have been very pro-active and more helpful than we even hoped for.

Thank you for your tireless efforts in selling our properties.  You have gone above and beyond the norm and we do appreciate all your assistance.

You have helped us contact everyone needed to repair or upgrade the properties we were selling.  Without your diligence and persistance we could not have succeeded in selling these properties in a timely manner.


Walter and Mary Detrick


Dear Irene,

It has been a pleasure meeting and working with you on the sales of the four properties you just closed in record time.  Considering all the work you had to do to put them on the market, I know it was not easy.  Your diligence and ability was very apparent.

You have such a cheerful and outgoing personality.  You know your business, and perform it efficiently and with integrity.  You do not hesitate to go the last mile to satisfy your clients.  You give them "Super Service".

I will always recommend you highly, you are the best Realtor I have ever worked with.  If I ever need a Realtor in the future I will definitely call you.  Thankyou again.


Alma E. Keller-Heck, Real Estate Broker


Dear Irene,

I have this to say about the relationship that has developed over the past 20 years.  From the very first dealing that we had together I knew that I was dealing with someone of great integrity and drive.  You work hard to get the desired results on time, while ensuring that everything has happened according to all proper procedures.  You make sure that everyone involved is informed of the progress and of any possible impediments to the successful completion.  That is the reason that I have called upon your services for the eight different sales and purchases I have made, not to mention the perpetual smile and up-beat style that is Irene Wong.


Tom Potter



Dear Irene,

Congratulations to selling my condominium...

Believe me, I had a lot of trepidations, living in Atlanta and going through the sale of my property, living so far away.  Especially since the unit needed so much work, as it was in a very bad state of disrepair.

Irene, words can never fully describe your competency, your dedication and effort in allocating contractors, bidding out the work, following their progress and completing all the repairs under your supervision.  In fact, you even got your husband to help you.  On top of that, you called me almost eveyday, sometimes several times a day to give me an update on where we were with the work.

There is no question in my mind that without you this sale would probably never have happened, and if, probably at great expense to me flying back and forth from Atlanta to Anaheim.

I hope this letter comes close to tell you how grateful I am for everything you have done.

Thanks again, sincerely,

Gerhard and Deanna Carsjen

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